Cristina No Further um Mistério

They found out that they would need 175 million dollars on top of their own money, so they started looking for an invester. They assembled a packet to convince possible investers, but Cristina didn't believe a packet would convince someone to invest so much money. She was worried this wouldn't work, because Owen stopped calling and he would never speak to her again if this whole project failed. Meredith assured her Owen would be the happiest of all once they bought the hospital and the sneaking around could stop. Alex informed them the hospital was following apart after they quit, as a lot of staff members followed their example.

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Cristina seems to be an acquaintance of Lincoln, and attends the same school and formerly the same class as him. She has not had any speaking roles yet.

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Meredith wanted her to assure her again, which Cristina did. They then waited for news on Richard and Heather. When the latter died, Cristina and Owen went to tell Stephanie. The interns got the night off to mourn Heather's death, so Cristina took over one of Stephanie's patients. While discussing the patient with Owen, he blurted out he wished he had known their last time together that it was their last time together, as he would've done things a little differently. He described their last time together, and after they agreed it wasn't their best work, they rushed off to an on-call room to have sex. When Cristina went back to Meredith's room, Meredith noticed something in Cristina's hair, which an ashamed Cristina quickly covered up.

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At a bar, she and Craig were having a drink. Craig knew they were trying to push him out, showing her the watch they gave him at a surprise retirement party four years ago. He thought the watch was a piece of junk, but he wore it just to screw with him. He said they were all so polite and didn't dare to say anything directly. It'd been a while since he had anyone who cared enough to give him grief. Cristina ordered another drink and urged Thomas to order something that contains actual alcohol, so he ordered an old fashioned. She laughed and decided to order one too, instead of another tequila.[12]

Soft and warm, these eyes hold a sense of fire that lives in her soul. Boys instantly are attracted to her and very few can deny her. Personality and looks? It’s a package that makes guys come running. Although there are a lot of options, Christina has a specific taste in men. She loves the dark, funny, lost bad boys. If you don’t have that presence of crazy, Christina will just keep you as a friend. Some Christina’s are also empath’s. They have a high intuition that never leads them wrong. Christina knows more about you than you do as soon as she meets you. Christina can get easily hurt, don’t be fooled by the fire and her confidence. After all, she is human.

When Cristina replied to Nancy Dawson's questions about withdrawing care for her comatose son Paul, Owen got mad at her for having told Nancy that it was unlikely that Paul would ever wake up. This pushed Cristina to try even harder to wake up Paul, resulting in finding a small blood clot on a CT scan of Paul's head. Derek informed her that taking out the clot could wake him up, but might also kill him. He asked if the family wanted to take the risk, so Cristina went to ask Nancy, who agreed to the surgery. Derek performed most of the surgery, during which the basilar wall dissected. Derek was forced to leave Heather to finish the surgery when he had to check on Meredith. Cristina was worried about Heather finishing the surgery, but she did good.

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After the shooting, Cristina and Meredith were the some of last to be cleared for surgery by the trauma counsellor. Neither of them were truly dealing with their fallout; instead Cristina threw herself into planning her wedding. She hoped that she would different, more steady afterwards but it help her PTSD. Owen convinced Richard to go over the trauma counsellor's head and cleared Cristina for surgery.

After a board meeting, in which Cristina's question about Dr. Boswell led to Callie outing Arizona as a cheater, Cristina laid down next to Meredith in her hospital bed. She felt like she was going to die because of the break-up and told Meredith that she ended things with Owen. Meredith thought they'd start things again as always, but Cristina assured her this time was different than the other click for info times they broke up. She and Owen worked together again when he had to mediate between Cristina and Bailey, who differed on opinions over Richard's case.

It was the connection the hospital had with the foundation that cost her the award. It is impossible for anyone working at the hospital to win a Harper Avery Award. Leaving Seattle

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